Birmingham Partners Update

Birmingham Partners update

On the 21st October we had a really productive meeting with a number of partner organisations, tackling the subject of what Birmingham Partners (BP) is for and how it should work.
There were further discussions at the enabling group meeting on 2nd November and notes from both those meetings will be up on this site soon.

Essentially we agreed that Birmingham Partners should be about solving problems in order to make the city an even better place to be. The tag line ‘Share. Learn. Do’ seems to sum it up and over the next few weeks we hope you’ll be seeing examples of this on the site. We’re going to ask you to share problems which need solving and then offer links, contacts, information, expertise, etc to address it.

This might take the form of facilitating a meeting across different networks to put people in touch who can short-cut a situation or share a solution which worked for them in similar circumstances.
It might mean hosting an ‘unconference’ or putting on an event to tackle a bigger issue which needs more time and debate.

Across this city there is huge experience and expertise to share. Birmingham Partners wants to draw on that.

We’ll be posting a number of blogs in the next few weeks introducing the team from the universities of Aston, Birmingham and Birmingham City, who’ll help in any way we can to enable these activities.

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