The Quick and the Dead

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have been carrying out 'laboratory gunfights' to show that we move faster when we react to something in our environment than we do when we initiate the action ourselves. It is an idea inspired by cowboy movies...

No best approach to education for all children with autism

  • 11th December 2009
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There is no one best approach that can be used in educating all children and young people with autism, according to a report by researchers from the University of Birmingham's Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) and St. Patrick's College Du...

Tamiflu proves no defence against swine flu virus

  • 9th December 2009
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Treating suspected cases of swine flu with tamiflu in patients who are otherwise healthy provides no real benefit, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham.In research published on, Professor Nick Freemantle and Dr Melanie Calve...