Battle to replace Sir Albert begins as councillor ‘takes soundings’ over succession

One of Sir Albert Bore’s senior Labour colleagues is openly canvassing friends about the possibility of replacing him as leader of Birmingham city council should he be forced out soon,

Bullish Sir Albert gets his excuses in, but fails to address key Kerslake issues

Any day soon, probably next week, Local Government Secretary Greg Clark will receive a letter which may determine whether Birmingham city council has a future as an independent body. John

Dale’s Diary: ‘Improvement panel satisfied’ claim examined, and what’s Birmingham Partners for?

The Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel is “broadly satisfied” with the city council’s progress so far in delivering radical governance reforms demanded by the Kerslake Review. Well, that’s the view of

‘We’re still behind, but the pace is picking up’, council bosses tell Kerslake panel

The senior leadership of Birmingham city council has issued a defiant “we’re getting there” message in reply to criticism over slow progress in delivering the Kerslake Review governance reforms. Council

Clark’s smoking gun letter ‘puts the frighteners on Birmingham council’

City council leader Sir Albert Bore’s appearance before the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel, where he will defend his record on delivering the Kerslake Review reforms, was always going to be

Bore’s ‘extraordinary’ letter will buy time, but Birmingham not yet out of Kerslake woods

The latest letter from Sir Albert Bore to John Crabtree, chair of the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel, must rank as one of the most extraordinary communiques ever to come from