The letter Mark Rogers should write to the improvement panel, but never would

The Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel meets tomorrow (March 10) to quiz city council leader John Clancy and chief executive Mark Rogers about progress in delivering the culture change demanded by the

WMCA’s ‘mates club’ reputation does little for openness and public engagement

The leaders of the seven West Midlands metropolitan councils like to stress that they have come a long way in the past year, having agreed to form a combined authority

Birmingham backs WMCA, but Tory shires won’t get metro mayor vote

Birmingham city council has voted, almost unanimously, in favour of creating a West Midlands Combined Authority, but blocked a proposal to make adjoining shire districts full voting members. The controlling

Clark ‘encouraged’ by Kerslake progress, but next three months ‘critical’ for Birmingham

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has said he is ‘encouraged’ by Birmingham city council leader John Clancy’s “clear commitment to fully implement” the Kerslake recommendations. But Mr Clark also warned the

The day a ‘novice’ stepped up to the plate and proved his critics wrong

The latest letter from the Birmingham Independent Improvement Panel chair John Crabtree to Communities Secretary Greg Clark makes it clear that Birmingham city council is finally beginning to deliver reforms