Budget16: Chancellor fires up Midlands Engine with cash for growth

Metro mayors and combined authorities turned out to be big winners from George Osborne’s budget, with the Chancellor delivering a significant financial boost for devolution. City regions where devo deals

2015: A Year of Devolution

Many people thought it would never happen. Some people thought it should never happen. But a little more than fourteen months since the first serious steps began to be made towards signing

Operation Clancy: everything you need to know about the new council leader and his policies

No one can accuse the new Birmingham city council leader of lacking policies. John Clancy has radical schemes coming out of his ears; indeed, it is doubtful whether any previous

It’s not the economy, stupid, metro mayors will be George Osborne’s legacy

History will have the final say on whether George Osborne goes down as a great Chancellor, but one thing is certain – he is changing the local government landscape in

Jamieson in line for West Midlands deputy metro mayor if PCC job is abolished

Negotiations are under way between the Home Office, HM Treasury, and council leaders to sort out the future control of police and fire services across the West Midlands. Leaders of

Secret Election Diary: Albert’s General MacArthur moment – ‘I shall return’

Sir Albert Bore’s parting shot at the end of his final cabinet meeting as council leader, that it might not have been his last cabinet meeting after all, reverberated around

Greater Birmingham Streets ahead, thanks to our man at the DCLG

Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership chair Andy Street has been given a key role as a senior Government adviser,on the same day as West Midlands leaders sign devolution deal with Government.

West Midlands metro mayor powers revealed by Treasury

George Osborne was in Coventry today to sign off the West Midlands devolution deal. All that remains now is to convince councillors from across the political divide that a metro

£8bn West Midlands metro mayor devolution deal gets Government approval

West Midlands council leaders have finally reached a metro mayor devolution agreement with the Government which they say is worth £8 billion over 30 years and will create 500,000 new