Where next for England’s city regions? How will the new government and Brexit impact devolution and combined authorities?

If you’re a local authority leader today you will doubtless be considering opportunities to gain devolved powers and funding from central government as part of a Combined Authority (CA) deal. Or perhaps you are already part of the joint leadership of a new Combined Authority (CA)? Since the emergence of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in 2011, a further eight have been formed, with six of these holding elections for directly elected mayors (see Figure 1). New deals are in the pipeline, and those who have yet to strike one fear being left behind.

The tax so popular it has its own song

So why do I prefer Location Value Rating? Because I feel it’s easier to understand. Land’s true ‘location’ value derives considerably less from the actions of individual property owners than from the wider, longer-term efforts of the community in creating transport links, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure.