Earlier this year Birmingham Partners agreed to carry out some research to reflect the interconnectedness and resilience of Birmingham people.

In addition to the many stories covered in the news about the city, we felt something was lacking in terms of how Brummies live their lives: the ways they connect with others in and across communities, the ways in which they solve problems and support each other, the great examples of humanity on display.

With a major city there is never going to be just one narrative which sums it up.

But the ‘interconnectedness project’ offers a snapshot which adds richness to the other narratives.

What we found was that Brummies talk to each other. They connect across boundaries of all kinds and when they see problems they are likely to help sort them out, or connect with others for that to happen. They don’t wait for permission. 

We see this research as a starting point.

It can be layered over other pieces of research or can be added to by us or others. We think it helps give a more rounded view of the people in this city. If you think it would be useful in any way then please share or download.

As long as it’s credited, we’re happy for it to be used.

The research has been summarised and is available as a PDF, which can be accessed by clicking on the green button to the right or you can read the full research paper here.