XD80667- 025Birmingham is an extraordinary city, with a proud past and an exciting future, there for the taking. The coming Birmingham boom will bring with it once-in-a-generation opportunities which our residents cannot afford us to miss. But let’s be frank. In the past, the city hasn’t always made the most of the opportunities before it. The City Council has struggled to articulate and build a shared, single plan that is widely known and shared by partners and stakeholders across Birmingham. Because of that, it has not managed to deliver the enormous added value true partnership working can bring. That changes now. From here on in, Birmingham City Council recognises that the city, with all its opportunities and challenges, is far bigger than the City Council. Together we can grab those opportunities, and meet those challenges, through genuine, respectful, transparent, flexible and focussed partnerships in which everyone pulls together. The City Council has a huge amount to offer Birmingham, and is determined to work with all its partners to deliver the best for our citizens.

Cllr Sir Albert Bore (Leader) and Cllr James McKay (Cabinet Member for Inclusion and Community Safety)