We are an informal group of people from different sectors of the city, wanting to link together for the betterment of Birmingham.

We want to involve as many groups and individuals as possible in the Birmingham Partnership – we have so many strengths to share.

More information about the thinking behind Birmingham Partners can be found in this paper.

Since we formed in spring/summer 2015 we’ve held a couple of meetings asking people from different organisations and groups across the city what they wanted BP to do. Mainly they wanted problem-solving events which have a practical and local angle to them. They wanted to bring different networks together to unlock issues and share solutions. There were also suggestions that Birmingham Partners tackle some of the bigger questions such as Equality, but using some of the same problem-solving approaches.

To this end we have developed a facilitation group which gets together once a month to discuss direction and events. Minutes are accessible on this page. If you would like to attend any of the meetings then please send us an email.

All Partners who currently make up the facilitation group volunteer their time, expertise and contacts. 3 of the Partners have given an amount of their staff time to helping run the group. You may well see and hear more from these individuals. They are Diane Kemp from Birmingham City University, Catherine Mangan from the University of Birmingham and Phil Extance of Aston University. In addition Liz Haydon from UoB is running the secretariat, while Matthew Wombell of BCU and  Ben McAree from Aston are curating the website.

Please do contact us if you have suggestions for events or activities you think BP can help with.

You can become a Birmingham Partner yourself and encourage others to join too.

As well as wanting to ‘share, learn and do’ to create a better Birmingham, we also want to promote how fantastic this city is to the rest of the UK and further afield.

Our first and ongoing project was getting Brummies to talk about what’s great about the city! 

Please look at the video to see what some people said in answer to the question ‘What’s great about Brum?’